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The global Higher Education Market was valued at an incredible USD 13.7 billion in 2020 and is slated to hit USD 64.2 billion by 2028, steadily growing at a CAGR of 21.3 percent between 2021 and 2028. The increase in the number of intake of students is the major contributing factor to the growth of the Higher Education Market at the international level. The BTS EDU INDUSTRY LINK platform is a unique platform that links the higher education sector with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and job market globally.

Do you want us to cover the profile or the the latest news , events and stories of any startup incubator (Technology Business Incubator or TBI), Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC), Placement Cell, Pre-Incubation Centre, Innovation Hub or Industry Relations Cell?

We work towards Institution-Industry connect promoting startup entrepreneurship at all colleges, universities and institutions. We also cover all news and events (alone) related to business and entrepreneurship here from anywhere.


If you’re a head/manager/coordinator of a university’s or college’s Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC), a Placement cell, an Incubator (Technology Business Incubator or TBI), or an Industry Relations cell, then the BTS EDU INDUSTRY LINK majorly acts as a platform to cover all news related to any institution’s Entrepreneurship, Placement, Startup Incubation & Industry Relations Cell events, both online or offline, thereby linking the Higher Education Market with the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem or industry. We also help set up EDC cell and startup Incubator, and workspaces, and organize Startup Accelerators or Entrepreneurship/Placement/Leadership Training & Development programmes including Startup bootcamps, Industry tours, Founder Talks, Mentoring, Ideatons, and Hackathons.

The BTS EDU INDUSTRY LINK platform is proudly built by By The Startups, one of the biggest business communities, based out of the industrial city of Coimbatore, South India, to satisfy the need for easily accessible information from the EDC, Startup Incubator, Accelerator, Industry Relations and Placement world of colleges, universities, and higher education institutes in almost every domain and discipline from anywhere in the world.

Disclaimer: As ethics demand, in spite of our rich digital marketing experience, we do not guarantee listed/featured institutions/organizations with sales, leads, conversion, web traffic, or search engine rankings for keywords on the BTS EDU INDUSTRY LINK platform whatsoever. What we do believe is the potential of our business networking community that can refer businesses through online and physical meets, and other community activities for greater visibility.

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